Welcome to Holy Family Catholic Church.

As of 27 Jul we are housing and caring for famlies with children in the classrooms

of our Religious education Building. In the last weeks over 100 familes have past through our doors .


Annunciation House and Holy Family Parish are still in urgent need of volunteers to assist with the increased arrival of Central American refugees.


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/Zu0QgklZXz. New volunteer orientation meeting will be at 815 W Main Street The Religious Education Building (the old convent) of Holy Family Parish (Next to Parish rectory at 104 Fewel Street.)


Text any inquiries to Taylor Levy at 915-257-5292 or email at taylorklevy@gmail.com. Thank you!


We are still in need of donations of the following items:

- Coloring books and other books and simple toys for children of Pre and Grade school age. (We have tons of crayons.)

-NEW underwear for women and kids

-NEW socks for women and kids

-NEW flip flops and inexpensive shoes for women and kids -Toothbrushes -Toothpaste -Deodorant -Mini Hairbrushes -Shampoo -Diapers Sizes 3,4,5 -Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Medicine for adults and children; Pepto Bismal -Travel-Size Snack Food Items like cookies, chips, pretzels, crackers, juice boxes, fruit cups, etc.

-Gallon Size Ziploc bags 



May the Lord bless those who have answered this urgent need. They are our brothers and sisters, our children!



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Our History

Holy Family Catholic Church is part of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso. Our
parish was originally founded as a Jesuit Mission in 1916 to care for families
seeking refuge from the Mexican Revolution. We are located in the Historic
Sunset Heights area of El Paso Texas within view of our brothers and sisters in
the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico with whom many of our parishioners share
family ties. We are also neighbors with the University of Texas at El Paso. We
are always happy to meet new people - all are welcome!

The Holy Family is also the host of St Sharbel Maronite Catholic Mission. 


Together we share our religious education building, our parish hall for parish
activities, and our beautiful sanctuary located at 900 W. Missouri.

MASS SCHEDULES:                                           SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 
                                                                             (Confessions) Saturday 4:30 pm

Saturday        5:00 pm (English)                    

Sunday           8:30 am (Spanish)                     SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM:*

                      10:00 am (English)                      2nd Saturday 10:00 am. By appointment. 
Weekdays      7:30 am (Bilingual)
 First Friday   7:30 am (Bilingual)                    SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY:*

                                                                             Call the parish office six months prior.

Holy Days on workdays:                                                        

          Vigil     6:30 pm (English)                       *See Sacrament Flyers at church entrance.
                       7:30 am (Bilingual)

                                                                             Office Hours: M-F  9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Maronite Liturgy  Sunday 11:30 pm 

Call (330) 509-0098


Catholic Diocese of El Paso

Holy Family Catholic Church

900 W Missouri Ave


Rectory Mailing Address:

104 Fewel St

El Paso, TX 79902


Phone: 915 532 8462

Fax: 915 577 0236


E-Mail addresses:

Admistrator: HolyFamily@elp.rr.com


Secretary: HFSecretary@elp.rr.com

Parish Catechetical Leader: HolyFamilyPCL@elp.rr.com




Deacon Fred Rotchford

Parish Life Coordinator/



Suzanne Brown

Parish Catechetical Leader/

Parish Secretary


Cecilia Esquivel​

Asst. Parish Secretary


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